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What is the PanoraMagique Balloon?

Step into the gondola of PanoraMagique, the tethered balloon installed at Disney Village® and live a lighter-than-air experience! Built by AEROPHILE S.A.S the PanoraMagique balloon carries up to 30 passengers on a exciting six-minute sky ride. Installed since 2005 on the lake at Disney Village®, it has given several hundred thousand people a unique and unforgettable experience.


How does the PanoraMagique Balloon work?

According to Archimedes’ principle, one cubic meter of helium can lift a weight of 1 kilogram. So this 6,000 cubic meter tethered balloon, the biggest in the world, can lift 6 tons!

The balloon with its gondola, envelope and cable weighs just 2 tons, so there’s lift to spare to carry up to 30 passengers (about 2.5 tons) and leave 1.5 tons of tension in the cable (44 ton breaking strain!) to counter the force of the wind.

When there is more wind, we limit the number of passengers in order to leave more tension in the cable.

The PanoraMagique balloon, 35 meters high and 22.5 meters in diameter, rises to an altitude of 100 meters at which point it is visible from 20 kilometers around. It is certainly the world’s least polluting aircraft, for it is raised and lowered by an electric winch.